Date and Walnut Energy Balls

Date and Walnut Energy Balls

Serves: 10-12 individual balls


2 heaping cups of pitted dates

2 level cups of walnuts

1 tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp salt (optional)


Using your food processor, combine these ingredients until you reach a consistency, of course, sand.  Pinch some of the mixtures between your fingers.  If it sticks, it’s ready to form into balls.  If it is not sticking, add a few more dates, turn on the food processor, and check the level of ‘stickiness’ until the correct consistency is reached. 

Using a smaller-sized ice cream scoop, scoop level amounts to form balls.  Pressing the nut/date mixture in your palms as you form the balls would be best.  They will feel oily from the natural oil released from the nuts. 

Refrigerate for up to a week.  

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